15 ways proven to boost your tweets’ click-through rate

05 Apr

Check out these great tips and services to help your tweets work better for you. Plus a couple of tried, tested and proven secret techniques that are so simple you will kick yourself… Enjoy!

Once you have read this make sure you save it to Instapaper as you WILL want to refer to this time and time again.

15 ways to boost your tweets’ click-through rate

How do you get someone to click on your links on Twitter? It’s one of the most pressing questions I see day in, day out—and rightly so. Attracting more people who like what you are posting is essential to success on Twitter.

Here are 15 top techniques for improving your click rate:

1. Write persuasive tweets
Tweets are just like headlines; the best ones state a benefit and generate curiosity. Make them easy to read; get rid of complicated words, because people scan on Twitter. The easier a tweet is to read, the better the chances of them clicking the link.

Here is a recent tweet from @bufferapp that has attracted well over 150 clicks:

Now read the rest of the top tips:

(via Instapaper)

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