How Google’s new search uses AI and will change SEO

23 Mar

With all the news flying around about the new semantic search from Google I thought it would be a good idea to find an article which cuts out all the techie mumbo jumbo and I think this one does it very nicely.

The main thing which is happening out there is that SEO is going to change and we’re already seeing SEO services going out of business as Google start the ball rolling. Top ranking sites are falling like lead balloons from the SERP’s and these new changes mean you will have to think very differently about how you write for your site.

Anyway read on this is a great article…

How Google’s Semantic Search Will Change SEO

While the SEO game has changed drastically over the past months, one thing has remained fairly consistent: It’s been driven by keywords — keywords in your URL structure, your META tagging, your content, your links. Whatever way you slice it, keywords are everywhere in SEO.

Even among Google’s most recent algorithm updates — Panda, Search Plus Your World and Venice, to name a few — keywords remained relatively unscathed. But the upcoming update to move Google to semantic search technology, according to top Google Search executive Amit Singhal, is adding a whole new element to the game: the human element.

Read the article in full:

(via Instapaper)

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