Could Pinterest’s terms of use and copyright issues cause people to delate their pins?

21 Mar

Very interesting article and video interview with with a corporate lawyer on a very confusing point regarding Pinterest’s copy right issues and terms of use.

Kristen’s whistle blowing went viral last month after she delated her boards and gave the reason why which even caused Pinterest to call her.

Read on…

Copyright Issues Could Spur Changes To Pinterest’s Terms Of Use And ‘Pin Etiquette’

Pinterest, the hugely popular website that lets people share photos and images on a virtual pinboard, has had trouble brewing for a while over what some people say are frequent copyright violations that happen when users ‘pin’ photos on the site without permission. But one woman recently discovered that the copyright issue at Pinterest is a little more complicated than that: Pinterest’s own rules of etiquette make it very difficult for regular people to use the site at all without being liable in the event of a copyright lawsuit.

Kirsten Kowalski blew the whistle on this issue in a blog post that went viral late last month. Kowalski, who lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a triple-threat of sorts: A professional photographer at DDK Portraits, a corporate lawyer, and a passionate Pinterest user.

Read the full article and watch the interview…

(via Instapaper)

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